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Global Registered Mail – Utilize Overseas Registered Mail

Use Overseas Registered Mail for reliably mailing papers, little things as well as other product, with settlement from publishing to delivery.


Overseas Registered Mail satisfies the requirements of personal or company users mailing real papers and private communication since well as other items abroad.

Destination nations

You are able to deliver your product to these Destination nations.

  • Top-notch, fast and dependable solution.
  • Available by having a big amount of extra solutions.
  • Favourable cost.


Parameter Description
Certificate of posting Yes
publishing documents Posting Form, a myriad of Bulk Posting kinds (in some recoverable format), Electronic Posting Form, or information File
Certificate of delivery Yes
Compensation Compensation for lost item: CZK 918; payment for damaged or component loss product: up to CZK 918 (in accordance with the damaged suffered).
optimum weight 2kg (fat precision on publishing: 10g)
Minimum size 14x9cm
optimum size optimum length 60cm, the maximum amount of size, width and height might not surpass 90cm.

Valid from the first of 2019 february

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Overseas Registered Mail nations which can be european nations
Priority Priority
Weight Price (CZK) Price (CZK)
up to 50g comprehensive 98 104
up to 100g inclusive 125 133
up to 250g inclusive 169 190
as much as 500g comprehensive 212 265
up to 1kg comprehensive 313 415
up to 2kg inclusive 490 681
Aerogram 68 68

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