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Why would any spouse adore a sluggish, messy, addle brained wife?

Ann Landers received a page from a audience that went like this:

Dear Ann Landers:

Her house appears just as if they’d moved in yesterday. She never ever cooks meals. All things are in cans or frozen. Her young ones consume sent-in meals. Yet this slob’s spouse treats her like a Dresden doll. He calls her“Pet and“Poopsie”,” and covers the phone with a blanket as he would go to work so she can get her rest. On weekends he does the laundry therefore the advertising.

I get right up at 6 a.m. and fix my husband’s breakfast. We make their tops since the people within the shops “don’t fit right.” If my hubby ever emptied a wastebasket, I’d faint.Continue Reading..