How e-OPERA works

Download the e-OPERA App for your iPad.
You will receive a free version of Barbarinaa��s aria, “La��ho perduta” (W. A. Mozart, The Marriage of Figaro) to see what e-OPERA is all about!

Tap onA�piu to find your aria.

You can search by composer, opera title, aria title, role name or voice type.
Choose the aria you wish to purchase. Once you have downloaded it, you will find it in your personal catalogue entitled, My Arias.

Practice with the video. Follow the synchronisation between sheet music and soundtrack. You can start from wherever you like.

Click onmaximise minimiseto maximise or minimise.

The e-OPERA piano soundtracks have been created by highly experienced collaborative pianists that are well-versed in the traditional tempi and fermate of the repertoire. Our collaborative pianists play on real rather than electronic pianos. Sometimes you can hear the lowering of the pedal or the rustle of a page.

Start recording by tapping the red buttonA�REDBUTTON

Listen to the latestA�recording of each of your arias by tapping onA�listen

For the highest qualityA�audio, we advise you to record with headphones that do not have a built-in microphone.

Under settings settingschoose the number of seconds you wish to wait before beginning the aria (3, 5, 7 seconds).

Start the video to learn the melody and rhythm accurately before adding your personal interpretation.

You can use any of our content in PDF: introduction and basic translation of the aria (Italian IT, English EN, Spanish ES, German DE, Chinese ZH, Chinese ZHT, Korean KO, Japanese JP) and the synthetic score (SYNTHETIC SCORE), without piano accompaniment.

For further information please email us using the form below.